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This post is inspired by the guest post by kristen walker entitled creative tithing :: giving & getting read it here - on the Scoutie Girl : Blog with the penchant for the passionately handmade.

I invest money in other artists. I call it creative investing. It allows me to put my money where my heart is, so to speak, and that's in living a creative unbridled life. A life deeply committed to actualizing my full creative potential. I've come to realize this decision is a lifestyle, a journey more than a destination and I'm IN for the long haul.

I admit, I was not always able to carry this knowing - not at first. In my early days, I suffered the shadow of the starving artist. I was constricted in lack. The shadows had me and didn't freely offer the illumination of creative wisdom. Through determination I expanded my knowing and ultimately preserved, freeing
myself of the negative stereotype and mindset the archetype of the starving artist represents. In so doing, I now know + experience inspired living.

I take joy in collecting art pieces and found that by giving, I receive exactly what I desire - the experience of inspired living! I don't give to receive but the act of giving with integrity seems to perpetuate my ability to be touched by inspiration.

Using this model, I CAN afford (everyone can) to invest in art, creativity and inspiration. In so doing, we invest in artful living. They’re not lofty concepts but real experiences I live everyday.

It’s through investing my energy and resources that grounds living creatively as an everyday experience.

If I am unable to purchase an object then I choose to give gratitude to the artist by leaving a comment on their blog or writing an email expressing how their work touched my heart.

There are many ways to extend our resources to another. We never know what kind simple deed may represent to another, especially when that other is in need. After all, it could be your kind word that softens the despair of a hard day. It could yield the courage to persevere and endure with a dream or to continue the fight of an illness or worse still - monotony.

In investing creatively, in creativity, I sustain my need to live an inspired life. How do you sustain your need for an inspired life? How do you live creatively? Do you feel a need for inspiration?

Everything that surrounds me, which I interact with and adorn myself in is infused with the infectious energy of the muse – of its creator. I love that!

It's inspiring to live in an environment where all the objects are various products of inspiration. There’s nothing more uplifting than that! And whether it came from me or another doesn’t lesson its magic.

Not at all.

NOW that’s downright magical.

Thanks Kristen for sharing your thoughts - priceless.

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Kristen Walker said...

What a beautiful post! Really makes me realize how living surrounded by creatively inspired objects (whether our own or others) is part of living a creatively inspire life.

And you wrote something I had never thought of before either - how leaving a blog comment or emailing the artist to send your appreciation of their work is a great thing to do also. I am making at least one purchase a month from an artist, but there are so many incredible ones out there! I can't buy from them all every month, but I can leave a blog comment or send an email appreciating their work.


stephey said...


I couldn't agree more! There are so many incredible artists - PEOPLE who live a creative life cushioned by inspiration. It's a great feeling to be connected to others living creatively. It seems to create a bubble, an impenetrable force field, that protects you against those killing dreams and perpetuating the shadow artist syndrome - starving & destitute - yuck.

I love how your post has inspired so many all ready - talk about proof of the gift that keeps on giving. Hello abundance! You started it, I responded, Tara responded w/her post mindful spending :: creative tithing part 2 who is next? I'd love to know

Thank you Kristen! thank you!

The Creative Beast said...

just read your comment in the Kelly Rae class and came to peek at your blog...

AWESOME! thanks for leaving your message of "valuing yourself" and how everything changes when you did just that. And this post about "Creative Investment" is FABULOUS! I don't know why I did not make the connection of giving appreciation for a beautiful artwork can be just a valid as buying it!! And there has been so much beautiful art I see around me that I want to have in my creative play-space, but not enough $$ to purchase it all =-(

thank you for these insights! looking forward to seeing more of your blog =-)

Catherine Just said...

Hi There! I loved your comment over on Kelly Rae's e-course today and thought I'd stop by your blog. It's BEAUTIFUL! I may want to e-mail you for some tips on how to get mine a bit more plumped up!

I look forward to learning more about you on the blog and in the e-course!


Rebecca Stees said...

I really need to be in a creative community and I want to make art everyday. So, it's been my good luck that other people want that too and enroll and support by business, Art Yowza. This year, I was able to do more volunteer community projects and that has expanded my joy!

claudette Baker said...

To all of you who live for the weekend, here it comes... To all of you who live for another day, here it is... To all of you who live for the love of life, have a beautiful day...

stephey said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for the compliment! I love meeting new creatives! I just went to you site and mama - it's beautiful! I especially love your series entitled "wanderings." It reminds me of the piece I wrote entitled not all who wander are lost
click to read. your photo illustrations would enhance that piece big time. Matter of fact wouldn't it be great to collaborate a book with this theme. I see it as a creative community project, each artist involved writes a brief sentiment about their own wanderings & how it led them to a lesson, an insight, accompanied by a few images! This is a spontaneous idea that I'm so going to implement - do you want to contribute? I'm gonna start it as a section on this blog first where people can post their musings!

oh by the by, I was about to put up a service for helping bloggers w/the beautification of their blogs - so yeah contact me when ready. ;)

NatashaMay said...

Hi Stephey! I found you at Flying Lessons. :) I just read some of your posts and I love the way you express your thoughts. I look forward to reading more of you. :)

stephey said...

HI NatashaMay! Thanks for stopping by. I just read your blog post entitled Who is behind that painting? great piece!

This is what I'm talk'n about! Surfing the wave of inspiration via the web!
right on!


Hi Stephey!
Wow woman you have a wonderful gift with words! What an amazing and inspirational post. Funny I just read the post above realized I was bouncing around from blog to blog and I discovered I've been missing out on "Flying Lesson" e-course! I hope to join you and going to sign up today ahhh the beauty of the blog world :) Ok but back to your amazing post...the idea of investing in art= investing in artful living is so true and taking the time to post a comment to an artist who inspired you is so wonderful and so beautiful to share. I think life moves so quickly and everyone is trying to make their own mark that it takes a post like this (and Kristen's) to s-l-o-w down and reflect on ourselves - our day to day experiences of giving back. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post ♥

Kathy L said...


I am also from flying lessons. This post was so inspirational. One of the things that I was concerned about in terms of traffic to my blog is attracting "non mixed media artists." I have a number of like minded artists that visit my blog and the support is wonderful, but we are all to "broke" to purchase each others art. I see now from your post that it is possible if we make it so. O am learning so much from Kelly and it is so fun visiting blogs that are totally beautiful. If you would be will ing to share, just a little or point in the right direction, on how to make up some of your buttons. I see they are png files and I was wondering if you are writing the code for them. I am more than willing to learn about how to write the code, just not sure of where to go for insight. Oh and I am now a follower. I love your gentle qualities and sincerity!

stephey said...

IVY! Great to hear from you! The beauty of the blog world is surfing that wave of inspiration! I love you're take away about how "investing in art= investing in artful living" RIGHT ON! I think sometimes we creatives don't think of, well, using our creativity beyond the blank page, like how our words are acts of creations. The feelings they create too!

I know when we start to create our life w/the same gusto we face that page, (or sound if we're musicians, or words if writers, or taste if we're chefs, or arrangement if we're florists etc.) we begin to live a creative life - experience it everyday - now that's magic! It's those little things I think we sometimes overlook. I know I do at times & when those times come it's TIME to break the box I put myself in w/small thinking. It's time to break out & creative thinking is one of those keys to freedom!

Catherine Just said...

YES - I would be interested in collaborating on your project. Thank you for asking and getting something started like this. I want to do something collaborative as well....
Let me know what you would need and when you need it by.

And yes - I will be contacting you to help me with my blog fancification!


Nat said...

Hi Stephey, I too found you from 'Flying Lessons'. I don't get to buy much art from others, but the pieces I have collected are very important to me. Makes me feel connected to this greater creative world. I also feel that way when I leave comments for artists. Receiving comments on my work has always been appreciated and you're right, it can be the one thing that gets me through a bad day.

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hello from Iowa! Found you through Kelly Rae's blog! So happy to find your lovely blog! And your post really strikes home with me, as I've been reminded time and time again how much the little things matter. A kind word, a purchase, etc. It really makes a difference, and it comes back to us ten-fold. Cheers to you!

stephey said...

Hi Nat, It is important to maintain connection to our creative world - especially if we're embodying the artist archetype! It's the only nourishment that sustains us. When I have challenges days I take the first moment I can and surf the web of inspiration. I find that through connecting with others in their creative world and when inspired, leaving a heartfelt comment it recenters me. I come back into balance. A once herd if you're feeling helpless immediately go and help someone else - it's through sharing that the heart opens. That help CAN take shape through kind words. It becomes a win-win not only for us the giver but us the receiver as well. Have you ever noticed how fast it comes back to you? How fast a mood can lift?

There's nothing more infectious than inspiration - nothing! Keep on sharing! said...

Hi Stephey, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments, that really made my day, from one bubble-lover to another!

Really love your blog, great guest post above too, I couldn't agree more about investing in each other's work, even in terms of just uplifting and encouraging each other - it makes you feel good and besides, what goes around comes around, methinks!

Take care and great to be connected.
Jen. (aka Comic Mummy)

jacqueline said...

Dearest stephey,this is such an inspiring post and it made me smile for i totally get what you mean by living creatively and creative investing! I truely supports others living their creative dream and one way for me in showing my support and be part of this handmade creative world is purchasing the wonderful pieces that i adore from artists around the wrold. And if i can't affort it i too give my gratitude to the artist via their blog or email sharing with them how their pieces have inspired me and touched my heart. It has become an important aspect for me to support other's flowing and living their dreams. :)
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

stephey said...

HI jacqueline! I loved reading this, "It has become an important aspect for me to support other's flowing and living their dreams. :)"

YES! Look at all the connection and grace that's RIGHT HERE in this small blog. It's so uplifting to have others write + share their various points of view, not just with me but with everyone else who choose to become apart of this lil'circle. Who says there isn't any support available? We just need to seek and momma FIND.

I've chosen to dedicate my whole heart to this very pursuit and feel gracious that I can now share it - expand it more - right here! many inspirations to you! Thank you for sharing your time + words! :)

Cre8Tiva said...

stephey...i saw your comment on jody's blog about how special feathers are to you...i believe my guardian angel leaves feathers for me so when i see one on my path i always pause and connect...

.just stopping by from our flying lessons to say hello and say i am so happy to connect with you...

Blessings, R

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva
Cre8Tive Compass Magazine
Cre8Tiva's Blog
Artistically Speaking Talk Show
FAMM Live Radio

Juliette Crane said...

So nice to find your blog! I saw your comments on Kelly Rae's class blog and just had to stop by and say hello! Your blog is just a beautiful, restful place and I adore your profile photo! I love hearing about what you are doing and am super excited to stop back again for more inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing! And thank you for all of the lovely little reminders :)

Best wishes to you!

Jo Wholohan said...

hi stephey, so very inspiring, boy i dont you about you but im learning so much more then i ever dreamed in this course :))
Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the comment on my blog, so very touching, thanks for your kindness xx

Valerie said...

Hi Stephey, I'm another classmate stopping by from Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae. Your blog is great and I'll be back to explore some more! So many lovely, lovely women in our group. I am so enamored...


stephey said...

@ Cre8Tiva
@ Juliette
@ Valeriehart

I gotta tell you I'm soooo crazy about meeting new creatives! I visited your blogs and momma! We have mega talent being represented! It's so inspiring to visit new sites and learn how others see and what is currently inspiring someone. There's such a synchronistic vibe going on!
thanks for sharing!

@ Cre8Tiva Where creativity and intuition meet! Oh YEAH!

Jo Anna said...

I love this! I am a big fan of investing in creativity. Sometimes, I see it as my form of tithing.

Johwey Redington said...

This is a priceless message. Thanks for sharing. I too am a big fan of investing in creativity and supporting other creative minds!

Indy said...

Hi Stephey, such a beautiful sentiment. Your words and thoughts have a magical quality - I am a definite instant fan.

Wini said...

Dear Stephey, I'm visiting via the Flying Class. Thank you for the twitter message. You have the most wonderful and inspiring blog and I'm sure I'll visit often! I love what you've written about artful living, and supporting and encouraging each other! Love your awesome banner too. Wini :)

Rebecca said...

Stephey- also from the Flying class. Yes yes yes! This is exactly what I have been getting from SO many artists recently and feel the same way. I can't wait to dive into more of your blog.


AG Ambroult said...

so true, And you put is so much more beautifully than I ever would have. I have made a bit of an evolution, realizing that creative investing is an act of support, encouragement, validation, and admiration...
and maybe even a little wink to karma, too?

stephey said...

HI! AG Ambroult

Absolutely! I too think it's a "wink of karma. Supporting fellow artists online through FB share/twitter/leaving a well thought out comment IS a great spiritual act. The kind that keeps on giving well beyond this lifetime for it encourages and motivates and there is nothing better than nudging someone w/uplifting support so they can fulfill their purpose and in so doing we fulfill ours. It's creative altruism at its finest!
Thank you for visiting! and bringing up this poignant point. ;)

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